Red Leg Hermits x5


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Red Leg Hermits x 5

What are they? : Red Leg Hermit Crabs - Paguristes Cadenati

How big are they? : Small to medium sized hermits, bigger than dwarf blues, smaller than Halloween hermits.

What do they eat? : Their main diet would consist of detritus, algae and decomposing animal matter.

What are the good at? : Red leg hermits are ideal scavenger for the reef aquarium. They are very peaceful and busy workers. Great at eating uneaten food and hair algae.

Where are they from? : These hermit crabs come from the Caribbean

Temperament: These colourful crabs are the most peaceful hermit crabs you can get for a reef aquarium so you do not have to worry about them stealing snail shells.

Care Level : Easy