Dwarf Blue Hermit Crab Pack x5


What are they? : Dwarf Blue Hermit Crabs  – Clibanarius Tricolor

How Big Are they? : Small, typically 1/2inch. Don’t let their size fool you, they are very active hermits!

What do they eat? : These small hermits are incredibly efficient scavengers. Typically eating hair algae, uneaten meaty foods and even cyanobacteria.

What are the good at? : They seem to spend all day picking around rock work for algae, uneaten food and can even clear up dead livestock. The dwarf blues are also great at aerating the sand bed when busy at work.

Where are they from? : These crabs come from the Caribbean

Temperament: Kept in sensible numbers they should not cause too much of a threat to snail populations. Otherwise peaceful scavengers.

Care Level : Easy