All orders will be packed in polythene bags (minimum two bags). Bags are then placed in a polystyrene box and fully supported. At least one heat pack will be used in the box, during cold spells two heat packs will often be used.


When you receive your livestock, acclimatisation is an important process to reduce the stress on the animals you are introducing. Doing this helps your new purchases to get use to the parameters of your tank without them having too much of a shock.


We recommend using the drip method to introduce your new stock. Firstly float your bags to adjust the temperature for around 30mins. Then open the bag and put your new purchases and the water into a suitable container. You can now use some airline to syphon water from your aquarium into the container. If you tie a knot in the airline you will be able to control the drip rate. A typical length of time for this process would be around 1-2 hours. However, the more delicate the animal the longer you should take doing this.